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Field Consulting

At Crop IMS, “keeping you ahead of the curve” is more than a blurb to us; it’s the foundation of our field consulting work. Whether it’s consulting on winter wheat, spring-planted row crops like corn or soybeans, or a double cropping situation like soybeans following winter wheat; let our experience be a resource to you as you as together we work to maximize your profitability. Our recommendations are based on one thing: helping you to take actions that will make you money.

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Technology Marketing and Support

Crop IMS has formal marketing support agreements with over a dozen different equipment and technology manufacturers representing steering solutions, planter control systems, crop input control systems, and a whole lot more. Our Technology Specialists are trained in these technologies, prepared to solve service problems as well as offer new solutions where appropriate to help make sure technology is working for you in your operation.

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Agronomy Services

There is still a great deal about growing a crop that cannot be controlled. However, farming today demands knowing more about what’s going on in the field than ever before. In tough times, making smart decisions requires knowing more about what can affect your bottom line: things like soil fertility, water management, hybrid/variety management, crop protection strategies, crop planning, tillage and on and on. There are many good professionals in the industry today who work in a few of these areas, but rely on Crop IMS to bring an unbiased, farmer-focused view on increasing your profitability from the widest possible cross-section of factors that affect your bottom line.

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Commercial Farm Management Data Support

Increasingly non-farm investors see value in making investments in farm land to diversify their portfolios. These investors are accustomed to having massive amounts of data and information made available to them about all their other investments; they are seeing an equal need to understand more about their farm land investment too. Crop IMS works directly with land owners as well as farm management professionals to help bridge the gap between landlord and tenant so that the goal of increasing the value of this investment over time, is realized. In an independent and unbiased manner, Crop IMS can facilitate programs like soil fertility maintenance, crop input application records, crop planting and harvest information and soil tillage work too. We work with our commercial clients to provide support and assistance in work that enhances the value of this precious resource: our farm land.

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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning

Crop IMS is a leading CNMP consultant having experience with all facets of work required to complete and submit these plans in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our familiarity with animal agriculture when combined with the resources we have regarding agronomic work and all the technology that connects these things together, has served us well in this area of work we do for our clients

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Industry Outreach

Crop IMS is owned by a group of input supply cooperatives. So, if you go far enough back in our pedigree, we are owned by farmers. We take our role as being their advocate seriously so we are involved in a wide range of efforts and organizations that forward the goal of helping to improve the profitability of farmers. We are actively involved and hold leadership positions in industry efforts like Ag Gateway and the Ag Data Coalition as the workings of these groups is foundational to and supportive of everything we do at Crop IMS. We have close working relationships with MyAgData and MyWay RTK too. Both of these companies bring new measures of value to farmers not offered by anyone else in the industry today.

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