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Crop IMS is increasingly interacting with entities and individuals to do what we call “business consulting”. Crop IMS has experience working with commercial asset managers, crop insurance companies, input suppliers and manufacturers and others providing services that aren’t easily listed on a standard menu of services! Agriculture is changing fast and businesses must adapt quickly to stay ahead of the curve. Crop IMS can make sure that your business is using the right technologies and processes to enhance your relationships with vendors and customers alike.

In a fast-paced industry as Ag is today, employee turnover is commonplace. Crop IMS can assist an ag business with precision ag and nutrient management services which takes away the burden of training new staff every couple of years. We can handle the task from start to finish and allow for rebranding our products to keep forward your brand; enhancing the relationship-building process with your customer base.

When you partner with Crop IMS as part of a business consulting arrangement, you leverage and benefit from the many relationships we have developed throughout the industry over the years. Whether you are considering starting up a new services unit; wanting a new set of “eyes” on what’s going on in the industry and how that applies to your plans for the future; or looking for advice on how to connect your people to data-driven Ag, Crop IMS can help!

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