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Why Use Crop IMS Field Consulting / Scouting Services?

  • We are an independent source for a 2nd opinion for your farming needs.
  • Our services are not based on programs or commisions since we don’t sell the products.
  • We’ll keep you “ahead of the curve” on current insect, disease, weeds, and crop status on which to make “informed” decisions from a Professional Consultant-Agronomist who does this job full time.

Timely recommendations and management in season will make you money

  • Identifying the actual problem before it affects your bottom line.
    • Does it require treatment or not?
    • If so, with what, how applied and when do we treat?
  • Timing a treatment properly for insects, disease, weeds or fertility needs does the following
    • Maximizes value of treatment cost.
  • Being late on applications or operations costs you money every time i.e.
    • Fungicide Timing in Soybeans/Wheat/Corn
    • Insect Infestations and Type
    • Weed Size and Type
    • N Applications
    • Replant Decisions

Varied Service Packages are Available Specifically For:




Maximizing profit from your farm is a year around cycle of planning, decision making and execution as the following illustrates. Let Crop IMS consultants support your efforts!

Consultant Field Scouting

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