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An Independent source for a 2nd opinion for your farming needs not based on programs or sales incentives.

  • A higher level of Field Intelligence; thorough field scouting.

Not relying on a combine inspection in the fall to guesstimate success or failure on production efforts.

  • Keeping you ahead of the curve and well informed while you attend to farming operations.
  • Nothing left for speculation;

Checking your fields on a timely schedule to keep you informed as to in-season activities

Timely recommendations and management in and out of season will make you money!

  1. Identifying a problem before it effects your bottom line.
  2. Timely treatment of a problem that can keep you from a loss or maximize profit.
  3. Recommending management of a problem previously left unchecked that increases your bottom line of profit season to season.
  4. Evaluating input needs such as soil fertility, hybrid traits, seeding rates, seed treatments, herbicide and insecticide needs prior to planting.
  5. Summarizing management needs and inputs for next season’s efforts in a report.
  • 24/7 access – Part of our job is to keep you informed of what’s developing in products, technology, and management practices. We are always available.
  • A second source for record keeping and documentation in season, and post.

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